Project | First Light for Battersea Chimneys

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19/05/2021 - As lighting designers for this vast regeneration project, we feel a real sense of privilege in crafting the after-dark image of this truly iconic building. Last week, was the first opportunity to see our design come alive on the most famous four towers in London.

Deceptively large, with an 8.8m base diameter, 27.57m base circumference and a height of 42m, our design sees each chimney washed with a precisely controlled, beautifully even coverage of light. 

Mindful of balancing an impactful visual effect with minimal brightness and light spill for the residents who will eventually occupy the upper floors - as well our general regard for avoiding waste and limiting energy use - each chimney is lit with 50 narrow beam RGBW LED projectors.

Under normal use, the chimneys will be revealed in white light with the projectors operating at 50% (or lower) output, generating an electrical load in the order of 2.5kW per chimney – less than the power of many kitchen kettles. 

For events and civic occasions, each of the projectors is individually addressable and dimmable from 0 -100%, allowing for fabulous dynamic colour and animated light shows.

Many more areas are currently in development as part of Phase 2 and 3, including the main public entrances, interior public spaces and several key parts of the public realm.