........ could these fractals be introduced into building and interior design to improve wellbeing in more sustainable ways?”

See 'Thinking about Lighting and Biophilic Design. Part 1/2'

The real questions are: Does it solve a problem? Is it serviceable? How is it going to look in ten years?”

Charles Eames, Designer

Inspiration | No light

When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.”


To love beauty is to see light.”

Victor Hugo

Information is light. Information, in itself, about anything, is light.”

Tom Stoppard - Night and Day

Sunset looking east and west

Light at the end of the tunnel”

An expression of hope, currently used to describe Covid Vaccines

One kind word can warm three winter months.”

Japanese Proverb

Light is the most important person in the picture.”

Claude Monet

Visit to Christmas Light at the Botanics, Edinburgh
A magic moment

Daylight is too easy. What I want is difficult: the atmosphere of lamps or moonlight.”

Edgar Degas

Reality is to be found in lightness and darkness”

Pablo Picasso

The view from 22

Light is therefore colour”

J.W. Turner

Light is a mysterious medium. It’s not static. It’s ever changing. Artists and scientists are still trying to figure out what it is.”

Our lighting scheme for the interior of Norwich Cathedral won an ‘Award of Excellence’ at the 37th IALD Awards!”

Light: It’s energy. It’s a wave. A pulse. A spectrum. It travels at 186,282 miles per second. It’s invisible but makes everything visible.”