Project | Grow Light

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For city-dwellers, living and working in hard-edged manufactured environments can induce a sense of urban fatigue. Numerous research studies point to the positive impact of nature on people's sense of health and wellbeing. Owning plants, going for a walk in a park, or even simply looking at an image of a natural environment have all been shown to have psychological, emotional and physiological benefits, including reduced stress and improved concentration.

The discipline of Biophilic Design seeks to reconnect people with the natural environment to enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals and society.

Our "Grow Light' project considers whether that approach might encompass projecting light images of plants on urban surfaces after dark to elicit some of the same positive benefits of daytime exposure to plants and nature. 

This inaugural series of Grow Light images considers five plant growth types: sprouting, climbing, trailing, covering and blooming. Future editions might explore seasonal and geographically indigenous plants, providing opportunities to collaborate with botanical gardens, seed banks and plant specialists.

We envision Grow Light as both potentially beneficial to people's wellbeing and as a tool to raise awareness of endangered plant species, promoting our responsibility to take care of the natural world so that it will also look after us.