Inspiration | Hasui Kawase Depicting Light and Shadow

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15/07/2022 - Much of our work involves creating visual representations for projects that evoke not only a certain quality of light, but also a mood and atmosphere. We are understandably drawn to artists who developed a fluency in depicting these attributes in their work. Hasui Kawase (1883 - 1957), is one such artist. A master of "shin-hanga", or "new print" art movement, Kawase's became one of Japan's most important and prolific printmakers. Kawase developed new ideas influenced by western art yet continued to respect many of the traditional processes involved in ukiyo-e. A remarkable characteristic of Kawase and the shin-hanga movement was their marked shift away from creating images of recognisable geographic places instead giving prominence to imbuing light, shadow and atmosphere into the mainly rural scenes they depicted.

"Coast at Omori" by Hasui Kawase, 1930

"Sunset at Ichinokura" by Hasui Kawase, 1928 

"Moon at Magome" by Hasui Kawase, 1928 

"Rain in Shuzenji" by Hasui Kawase, 1933 

"Moon over Arakawa River" by Hasui Kawase, 1929

"Hayakawa Park" by Hasui Kawase, 1930