Project | Peep, Darc Awards ‘23 Installation

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31/03/2023 - The annual [d]arc Awards took place at Fabric in London last night. The awards party known as [d]arc night followed and featured a series of exclusive light installations from collaborations between manufacturer partners and lighting designers. We collaborated with Tryka to create an installation based around the theme for this year which was Cinematography and Film.

‘Peep’ invites onlookers to experience the world through the eyes of a Madhatter’s tea party guest, becoming immersed in a rotating kaleidoscope of life-size characters, abstract landscapes and secret messages, drawn from the surrealistic world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. 

An unassuming timber box stands within a dimly lit room, peep holes flickering invitingly. Inside, a rotating core of full-height mirrors reflects and re-reflects the original artworks of different characters, revealing their stories of nihilism, joy, power, trickery and innocence. Suspended above the rotating chamber, a unique 3D printed bio-louvre manipulates the lit environment, adding texture and colour through a dynamic array of UV-enriched colour-changing LED nodes, and lending an almost hallucinatory quality to the experience.

Peep explores themes of voyeurism and unfolds the complex dynamic of observation. Through the eyes of the characters, the viewer becomes both subject of their own internal experience and object of the surrounding participant’s gaze. Encountered with curiosity by the many faces of Wonderland, Alice too must play both object and observer as she navigates her own vivid dreamscape.