Visit | Heatherwick Studio, Building Soulfulness

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We recently visited our collaborators and good friends Heatherwick Studio's first ever exhibition in Tokyo. "Heatherwick Studio: Building Soulfulness" was hosted by the Mori Art Museum and featured 28 Key Projects that 'touch the human heart'.

By looking at the projects – all of which are the result of a process of trial and error, where familiar structures and functions are reassessed, and new ideas are realized – from six different viewpoints: ‘Coming Together;’ ‘Connecting with Everyone;’ ‘Experiencing Sculptural Space;’ ‘Feeling Nature in Urban Space;’ ‘Bringing Memories to the Future;’ and ‘Playing and Using,’ the exhibition will explore what type of architecture brings with it the sort of kindness, beauty, intellectual stimulation and empathy that move the human heart.”

Mori Art Museum

The exhibition was buzzing with people of all ages. It was great to see genuine enthusiasm for the installations.

a+u magazine released a well-timed 'Heatherwick Studio' issue that compliments the Exhibition.

We were delighted to be mentioned in both the magazine and the exhibition as collaborators on their '100 Trees' and "Coal Drops" projects.