Project | Riverside Green, Brisbane

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22/06/2023 - Riverside Green is a new public space on Brisbane’s South Bank comprising a lawn, rainforest, and subtropical pavilion, intended for flexible recreational use and events.

The design of the site prioritises connections to key routes and spaces in the city. Reflecting on this, our design considers the relationship of the light with the water and supports ease of movement after dark while preserving the tranquillity of the riverside location. As with all our landscape projects, we were very mindful of the potential environmental impact, particularly with respect to local ecology. 

The atmosphere is shaped through a balance of light and darkness. Highlights to key features and lush foliage allow for subtle contrast that supports wayfinding and promotes a sense of safety and security. Within the pergola structures and beneath the stone steps, soft light creates a relaxed ambience, framed behind by RGB lighting to the trees.

The lawn area is left unlit and light levels near the water’s edge are reduced to preserve views to the city.

The final delivery of the lighting was achieved with the support of local lighting engineers, Integral Group.