Product | STACK launches at L+B 2024

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06/03/2024 - First shown at Light + Build Frankfurt 2024, Stack is an urban lighting product concept embodying the idea that ‘Less is More’.

Designed around SIDE(is)’s unique grazing light LED module, our concept is a series of mounting solutions intended to make the smallest possible imposition on urban landscapes (less embodied energy), with maximum efficiency (less energy use) and built-in flexibility to respond to changing conditions and create beautiful effects.

The module’s optical system is incredibly efficient at casting light across the ground from low height, and for grazing up vertical surfaces. It also features onboard adaptive technology that allows the light level and distribution to be altered through an app. Reflecting this, our solutions are designed to sit within the ‘low zone’ - where products can be tucked amongst planting and hard landscaping, and used to light pathways, highlight features, and play up textures. 

Modelled on a Japanese Garden, the stand design at light and build creates a rich memorable texture that illustrates the visual impact and adaptive nature of STACK

Stack’s squat circular design features stackable rings that allow for the height of the product to be adjusted to suit the context, and that can be moulded or cast locally to the project. The prototypes feature a selection of materials chosen for their potential to further lower embodied energy - ceramics made from locally sourced aggregates, recyclable cast aluminium, and other recycled aggregates and plastics.

The concept includes a retrofit solution, designed to make use of existing columns roots and cabling that can be cut down and Stack fitted on top.