Inspiration | Positive Light of Winter

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The light and darkness of the winter solstice is a potent symbol of both danger and rebirth. Across continents and cultures, winter light and darkness has different interpretations. (Ps: Spare a thought for the City of Murmansk, Russia who are currently enjoying zero hours of sunlight!)

In Hinduism, the enlightenment of the mind and of the expression of divinity are shown in light. The light festival, Diwali symbolise the victory of light over darkness; a central pillar of Buddhism; light is wisdom over the darkness of ignorance. 

In Arabic, Nūr ( النور‎) is the heatless light; in Islam the ‘Light of God’.

In Judeo-Christian beliefs, light is otherworldy and a sign of beauty and positivity. 

It is tempting to feel dark in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year, especially in 2020, but light is a metaphor for positivity and rebirth, the start of the beginning.”