University of the Arts,
King's Cross, London, UK

Our design for the lighting supports the juxtaposition of the old against the new, responding to the pared back design aesthetic with carefully considered details that conceal equipment such that the architecture appears as untouched as possible.
University of the Arts
Stanton Williams
Hufton + Crow
Project Team
Mark Major, Andrew Howis, Benz Roos

Light levels were kept low to create a calm space in which to appreciate these strong pieces of contrasting architecture.”

In the vast entrance atrium we washed the rear façade of the Granary Building to emphasise the warmth and texture of the brick, using a custom linear system designed to mimic the original door rails. Opposing this, we softly washed the large expanses of white plaster walls and soffit of the south façade of the new building.

The new building is arranged around a central street. The architecture of this has been kept deliberately raw so that students are able to contribute to its identity with their own work. We provided the means for students and faculty to be able to use light for their own expressive purposes, by including multiple mounting options for theatre and exhibition lighting, along with the associated power infrastructure.

The project was successfully delivered within the pragmatic context of a tight budget and a Design & Build contract. Careful control of environmental impacts contributed to the project achieving a BREEAM Excellent rating.