Miami Design District,

This district is designed to bring together architecture, design, art, fashion and dining experiences in a cross-cultivating community environment. Light identifies the Miami Design District brand in gold and blue and provides moments of joy, intrigue and inspiration through individual illuminated art pieces.
Made Thought
Executive Architect
SB Architects
Landscape Architect
Island Planning Corporation
Design Architect
Sou Fujimoto Architects
Design Architect
Design Architect
Daniel Toole Works
Heywood Chan - YE-H Photography; Richard Patterson; Robin Hill
Project Team
Keith Bradshaw, Carrie Donahue Bremner, Adrien Flouraud, Dave Morris, Jonathan Speirs

The Miami Design District is a neighbourhood conceived of and developed for the purpose of bringing together innovative architecture, modern design, contemporary art, couture fashion, and cultured dining experiences in a cross cultivating community environment.

Developers Dacra and L Real Estate have committed to building a community dedicated to art and design increasing retail, commercial and art exhibition space in what was once a dilapidated and virtually abandoned area of Miami.

We were tasked with creating night time identity for the district as well as delivering on the aspiration for the totality of the district image across each phase of the ongoing development. The district image acts as an innovative backdrop to burgeoning development while allowing each individual brand identity to stand out on its own.

The pedestrian ‘Paseo,’ set within the easternmost four city block arrangement of the masterplan, will bisect these phase of expansion and culminate in a grand plazas at either end.

Onsite Tests

Verification that light levels meet local codes