Eira, Light + Health,

Eira is a family of LED luminaires developed with lighting manufacturer Fagerhult specifically for the healthcare industry.
Project Team
Mark Major, Andrew Howis, Benz Roos

Working in partnership, we designed this innovative family to produce the best possible experience for patients through low glare lighting from a slim soft fixture form”

Eira features an opal shade that softly diffuses the light so that it is comfortable to view even at high output. It is available in two sizes, with the larger fixture able to accommodate tightly controlled downlighting from an integral ‘performance ring’. 

This supplementary lighting can be called upon to enhance levels when the clinical need arises, reducing the need for further lighting equipment.

The fixtures are a core part of Fagerhult’s Health & Care range and have been specified for patient rooms, consultations rooms and corridors in a number of hospitals.