Cells, Adaptable Light

‘Not over-designed but properly designed’ – CELLS was created in collaboration with manufacturer Reggiani.
Project Team
Mark Major, Benz Roos

We wanted to explore how developments in technology might allow us to bring about a better quality of light for people without creating a cost barrier. We looked at the current approach, the basic bulkhead, and asked ourselves if it could be possible to provide greater flexibility while remaining true to that classic idiom. The inspiration came from observing the cellular structure of a dragonfly eye, where a network of lenses has evolved to shape light. This gave us the idea for creating an array of clip-on optics that can control yet adapt the distribution of light from the same base product. By offering the possibility to provide different effects from variations in beam spread to wall washing, the light can be properly controlled to create a pleasant environment, with minimal light trespass and light pollution.

It is a beautiful yet highly affordable product that originated from a re-thinking of the way that we illuminate tough urban spaces.”

The product itself is robust, featuring a raw industrial aluminium base and contrasting crystalline diffuser. Whilst providing good shock resistance (IK10) this diffuser allows a high level of light transmission for the best possible performance.

Cells can be surface mounted or recessed on wall on ceilings, singly or arranged in groups connected together using standard conduit. Coloured inserts are available, offering the possibility to customise the look of the luminaire to harmonise with its environment or help create a brand statement.