RSHP Offices,
London, UK

The space features a beautifully detailed ceiling, with exposed services, finished in predominantly dark grey. A circular form creates strong visual impact against this background, while fulfilling the general lighting needs across the varied spaces.
RSHP Rogers Stirk Harbour Partners
Structural & Service Engineer
Main Contractor
Ruddy Joinery and Fit Out
M&E Contractor
James Newton
Project Team
Mark Major, Iain Ruxton

When leading architectural firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) decided to move their offices onto the 14th floor of the Leadenhall building, the challenge lay in creating an inspiring and workable studio space from an open office floorplate - albeit one they had designed themselves.

The lighting of the space was considered a crucial aspect, and as long-term collaborators we were asked to contribute to the development of a technologically innovative, visually appealing, and consistent solution.

To make a positive contribution to the physical and psychological comfort of the occupants, our design enables a lit environment that automatically adjusts to more closely align with natural circadian rhythms.”

The chosen bright semi-transparent crystalline fitting is softened by a bespoke trimless 750mm white dish, and appears two ways – suspended, or surface mounted set within a perforated metal ceiling plate. These are mounted on a network of 3-circuit track, simplifying installation and controls, and adding the flexibility to add and move lighting while keeping the ceiling clean and orderly.

These fittings are also equipped with colour-temperature tuneable white light. This allows the lighting - in terms of its warmth or coolness - to be adjusted automatically, making it possible to create a profile that better reflects the changing conditions we experience in natural light over the course of a day. The initial lighting profile installed is being assessed to see how the team experiences the lighting, and adjustments can then be made to the programming suit their preferences.