Gasholders London,

A delicate touch helps bring a King's Cross, London icon back to life. The design celebrates the beauty of the industrial frames while creating a warm and stylish interior for residents.
Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Landscape Architect
Dan Pearson Studio
Apartments Interiors
Jonathan Tuckey Design
Structural Engineers
Environmental Engineers
Hoare Lea
James Newton, Peter Landers
Project Team
Mark Major, Benz Roos, Neville de Sa

Heritage Structures

A primary goal for this project was to create a strong visual identity and reveal the unique industrial heritage of the Gasholders, while also considering the needs of residents. Highlighting the detail in the beautiful structures, we grazed warm light up the front face of each of the columns. An ingenious custom detail using multiple lensed LEDs restricts the light only to the architecture, avoiding spill light into windows or up into the sky

The central external space glows at the heart of the scheme, with the tableau of positively lit frames providing a perfect counterpoint to the adjacent silhouette of Gasholder Park.

An enticing concept realized absolutely into an enthralling reality.”

IALD Judging Panel, Award of Excellence 2019

Animated facade sequences


A simple wash of tunable white light illuminates the atria from a concealed cove. The lights are programmed to shift based on the time of day allowing residents and visitors to reflect on the sky above and the artificial light below.

The atria also feature linear lighting set beneath wedge-shaped internal landscape elements which provide functional light. From above on the upper floors, residents see forms that resemble the internal landscape around them.

Warm personal light at a relatable scale is provided by custom fixtures at each apartment, and by bespoke lanterns set within the atria and roof garden