Fortnum & Mason, The Royal Exchange, London,

Working closely with the other members of the design team, we extensively tested and mocked up lighting details for each aspect of the bar and dining tables, using a range of colour temperatures to enhance the structure and bring out the colours in the material palette.
Fortnum & Mason
Universal Design Studio
James Newton
Project Team
Keith Bradshaw, Jaime Fuentes McGreevy, Marina Andronescu

Iconic British brand Fortnum & Mason 's store and bar/restaurant within the beautiful courtyard of The Royal Exchange.

Our lighting design contributes to an impression of elegance and warmth that supports a luxurious dining experience.”

Details are rigorously considered so that the light sources are almost imperceptible, allowing the food, drinks and faces to appear naturally vibrant and appealing.

For the retail outlet, we built on the strategy we created for Fortnum & Mason's central Piccadilly store”

High levels of contrast draw attention to the merchandise, while a bespoke dimmable display system with moveable shelves provides maximum flexibility. Animated light filtering through custom chandeliers provides an injection of visual interest after dark.