International Towers,
Barangaroo South, Sydney, Australia

Light softens the transition for those entering and leaving the space, drawing visitors through the lobbies. The light levels adapt by day and night in response to the changing daylight contribution, helping to maintain a vibrant, pleasant internal ambience.
Lend Lease
Chandelier Manufacturer
3S Lighting
Jackie Chan
Project Team
Mark Major, Hiroto Toyoda

Key surfaces are highlighted, creating a harmonious visual composition that improves legibility, celebrates the soaring volumes and creates a strong nighttime identity when viewed through the glazed exterior.

Even on our largest scale commercial projects, we are careful and highly selective with light. The result is harmonious and uplifting.”

The lobbies of these three RSHP designed commercial skyscrapers are designed as an extension of the public realm.

They function as a place where people can meet, socialise and work.

As creators of the Lighting Vision for the entire Barangaroo district, we were well placed to collaborate on a lighting design that would help to integrate the buildings successfully in their context.
Focal points in the form of scaleable bespoke chandeliers are a source of both expressive and functional light. The fruits of a complex and rewarding collaboration between RSHP, ourselves and the fabricator, these are a modern interpretation of the chandelier idiom realised in Plexiglas, steel, aluminium and 3000K warm white LEDs.