Avenue of Stars,
Hong Kong

The link and connecting piece for the newly sculpted landscape along the edge of Kowloon. The design of the light to the Avenue of Stars provides a visually positive landmark whilst creating a safe, calming environment by night.
New World Development
Landscape Architect
Field Operations
Exec. Landscape Consultant
Urbis Limited
Exec. Architect
Ronald Lu & Partners
Electrical Engineering
Parsons Brinkerhoff; WSP
Structural Engineering
Jackie Chan
Project Team
Keith Bradshaw, Carrie Donahue Bremner, Adrien Flouraud, Dave Morris

A layered ribbon edge, the harbour wall from Salisbury Garden to the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade delicately waves with the lapping of soft white light.

The light layers reinforce the presence of the new landscape from across the harbour by night connecting with the movement and animation of the water.”

With both the K11 New World Development to one side and the Hong Kong island skyline as a backdrop over the harbour, the habitable landscape remains quiet. Relative darkness is a theme continued from the landscape of Salisbury Garden. The long pedestrian thoroughfare is discretely lit from columns and the balustrade edge. Softly lit punctuations of landscape sculptural forms are highlighted along its length.

All light sources are LEDs mounted within weatherproof, marine resistant enclosures. Balanced light scenes can be adjusted using a fully automated lighting management system.