City of London Lighting Vision,

Wide-ranging and holistic, the existing approach to the street, amenity, architectural and landscape lighting has been completely re-thought, giving priority to pedestrian movement and the human experience of the public realm after dark.
The City of London Corporation
Project Team
Mark Major, Benz Roos

With a major procurement of new street lighting and smart controls acting as the catalyst, we were commissioned to undertake an innovative study for the City of London. This study has subsequently been formally accepted as the basis for a strategic re-lighting of this hugely important area, which encompasses not only the city’s major financial district but also its unique network of historic mediaeval streets and buildings. 

This innovative study was conducted with people as its prime consideration.”

The study also provides suggested treatments for a wide range of landmarks including St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Guildhall, Smithfield Market and several historic bridges.

As well as for a wide range of character areas including the Culture Mile, Bank and the Riverside. 

Importantly, the study also provides an approach that balances concerns for creating a safe, secure and legible environment, supporting the night-time economy and creating a focus for the City’s residential community, while limiting potential environmental impacts such as energy use, light pollution and light spill.

Plan indicating main and side roads, footway/alleyways and riverbank zones

Colour Temperature plan

Plan indicating typical mounting heights