Car Park, Victoria Dockside,
Hong Kong

A shimmer of light, seen from beneath the waves of Hong Kong, provided the source of inspiration for the lit feature and primary drive aisle lighting.
New World Development
Project Team
Keith Bradshaw, Carrie Donahue Bremner, Adrien Flouraud, Dave Morris

Functional light panels are arranged in pixelated arrangement to create an unexpected ceiling feature.

Light levels meet Building Code requirements; animated light sequences dim light levels to the code requirements but also to high intensities to add dynamism.

An unexpected, immersive experience- in art we park”

Immersive light create a destination of the carpark zones.

Carparks become a place for shows, parties and installations.

Rhythmic wall mounted light features at the entrance ramp provide the required light levels by day and by night.

Harbour wall archaeology are celebrated and highlighted on the journey through the entrance ramp.

Illuminated, industrial wall features breakup the monotony of underground spaces