Olympic Way, Wembley,
London, UK

Informed by our original masterplan for New Wembley a decade earlier, the lighting approach recognises the need to adapt in response to the changing density of users – from the vast crowds on high-profile football match days, to the much smaller number of residents who use the route most frequently.
Quintain Limited
Dixon Jones, vPPR
Bridge Screen Contractor / Manufacture & Installation
The Light Lab
Screen Content
James Newton, Chris Winter, The Light Lab
Project Team
Mark Major, Philip Rose

The columns are a sleek but commanding presence, creating strong linear perspective and a sense of processionary grandeur.”

A multi-purpose bespoke column supports a range of tailored atmospheres while meeting agreed lighting standards for a particular day or occasion. Designed in collaboration with the architects, the columns are elegant structures that bely the immense technical infrastructure required to realise them. At 13.5m tall, each column holds a lit banner, and supports five different custom-engineered projector types along a 4.5m outreach arm. Variation in the balance of distribution crafts the desired ambiences through dimming selected fixtures, while the optic that downlights the banners also creates deliberate pools of light beneath each column.

The route is transformed both by day and after dark through a skilfully managed blend of media and light art.

The design blends the external media screens with dynamic lighting details to create a wrap-around effect.

Low-resolution media screens and illuminated slots in the ceiling create the sensation that an abstracted version of the media content is flowing into the tunnel

The concept sees the entire underpass become a medium for dynamic content both by day and after-dark”

Content can be adapted to reflect live events happening at the Stadium...

...creating a unique atmosphere that immerses users from the moment they arrive.