100 Liverpool Street,
London, UK

The vibrant lighting design for 100 Liverpool Street encourages movement through and within the large-scale flexible retail and office redevelopment, creating positive, comfortable environments to shop, work, network and socialise.
British Land
Hopkins Architects
Interior Architect
Universal Design Studio
James Newton
Project Team
Mark Major, Clementine Fletcher-Smith, Ewan Parsons, Marina Andronescu

The design includes arguably the largest chandelier ever constructed in the UK – the stunning “Cloud’, created specifically for the vast new atrium space at the heart of the building. The Cloud contributes a dual sense of scale that helps to humanise the space while equally emphasising its impressive volume

In keeping with the architectural palette, the perforations and two-sided matt/polished finish of the hanging panels are also specifically engineered to generate the cumulative patterns and changing light reflections that create the distinctive cloud-like effect.

The office space is accessed by two entrance Lobbies – to the South (from Liverpool Street) and North (from the Circle and Octagon Mall).

In each, a wash of light onto the key vertical surfaces supports a strong external identity while promoting legibility and wayfinding.

Highlights to artwork, furniture and planting contribute a warm ambience

The ground floor ‘Octagon Mall’ retail arcade also serves as an important east-west circulatory route. Enhanced by the soft reflections of shoppers and the sinuous geometry of the lighting channels, the ceiling design encourages a gentle flow of movement.

A carefully crafted balance of brightness manages any contrast when moving between inside and outside while also ensuring the retail frontages have prominence.

Located in the setbacks of the top five floors, the offices open out onto a series of outdoor planted terraces and amenity spaces.

Soft lighting within the planting and under the soffit accentuates the textures and helps to soften the indoor/outdoor transition, supporting safe and easy circulation.

The low-level exterior light also supports views out through the glazing from the office interiors and spectacular views from the terraces out across the city, with minimal light pollution.

Shared amenities such as the bike store, changing rooms and WCs all form part of the overall experience of 100 Liverpool Street. The project has achieved a BREEAM Outstanding rating and is on target to achieve WELL Gold certification.