Elephant Park,
London, UK

A ‘green heart’ at the centre of the Elephant & Castle area, the park is inspired by the local community’s need to get close to nature and have the space to breathe and have fun. Our organic approach to the lighting of the site complements the subtle palette of landscape textures and colours, evoking the comfortable ambience of an outdoor living room.
Landscape Architects
Buro Happold
Water Feature
The Fountain Workshop
Project Team
Mark Major, Benz Roos, Justyna Ashcroft

Having created the lighting masterplan for the wider development, we were appointed as lighting designers for the park, to craft an inviting after-dark experience that would support its role as a social hub.”

Dappled lighting projections enhance the textured multi-coloured porphyry formations of the natural play area, known as Elephant Springs. 

The interplay of the light with the water jets and pools creates reflections and patterns, reminiscent of the effect of sunlight on water.

Centred on a natural and sustainable balance of light and darkness, our design facilitates safe movement while maximising opportunities for interaction

Lit paths support intuitive wayfinding, framed by carefully directed highlights to trees and foliage. 

Benches glow with softly integrated lighting or are highlighted by individual 'reading lights', creating comfortable areas for people to dwell and chat. 

While Elephant Park is an extensive regeneration project with many diverse character areas, the lighting scheme for the park itself exemplifies the ambition of the original lighting masterplan, using light, darkness, texture and colour to create a very special experience for everyone after dark.