Redevelopment of Battersea Power Station,
London, UK

Defined by a spectacular after-dark image that celebrates the industrial heritage and the exciting new future for Battersea Power Station, our designs create a positive lit experience of the development for its many users.
Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC)
Structural Engineer
Buro Happold
M&E Consultant
Chapman BDSP
Construction Manager
External Landscaping
LDA Design
Roof Garden Design
Andy Sturgeon
Project Team
Mark Major, Clementine Fletcher-Smith, Carrie Donahue Bremner, Philip Rose, Ewan Parsons, Dave Morris, Charlotte Armstrong

Our design inverts the experience of the architecture as darkness falls, giving rise to an extraordinary new interpretation of this famous listed building.”


The Lighting Masterplan for the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station was created by Speirs Major in 2014 to define the long-term vision and guidelines. This was not only for the illumination of the Power Station and its immediate public realm, but also the entire mixed-use scheme which is being delivered in multiple phases over several years.

A sensitive balance of light and shade not only helps to deliver a sense of privacy, intimacy, safety and security for residents, but also facilitates wayfinding for shoppers and diners, and creates a vibrant atmosphere for locals, visitors and tourists alike.

Power Station External Identity

Unquestionably an icon of the London cityscape by day, the first permanent lighting scheme for the Power Station stands as a potent symbol of its rejuvenation as an exciting innovative mixed-used neighbourhood while providing a celebration of its industrial heritage.

With visibility extending to key sites many miles away across London, our lighting scheme is shaped around creating maximum visual impact and flexibility, while remaining mindful of environmental concerns, protecting the historic building fabric and minimising light spill for residents. Topped by the beautiful illumination of the four famous chimneys, we highlighted key architectural elements to draw out the form, materials and main architectural features. In highlighting the details that we are used to seeing during the day in shadow or silhouette, our design inverts the experience of the architecture as darkness falls, giving rise to an extraordinary new interpretation of this famous listed building. For events and civic occasions, provision is included for fabulous dynamic colour and animated light shows.

Public Realm

Reflecting on the industrial heritage, we chose a soft warm golden light across the whole site to create a welcoming character, while meeting the functional requirements for safety and security. Overall light levels are kept to a minimum to help manage energy use and reduce environmental impact, but increased at key meeting places, gateways, and corners, to improve legibility and support easy social interaction. Lighting levels tail off adjacent to the Power Station and the Thames, preserving views and providing an appropriate setting for the iconic building.

The simple palette of fixtures are slim, simple in design and scaled to blend seamlessly into the building fabric and landscape. The intermittent light of the occupants of the surrounding buildings adds another layer of ambient richness and animation. Flexible provision has also been made for the many temporary events that will take place throughout the year.

Heritage/Events Spaces

Our goal in lighting these important heritage spaces was to reinstate the period lighting in keeping with the original design intent, while adding a discreet layer of architectural lighting and control to enable them to be used flexibly as exceptional events spaces.

The statement lighting in the Directors Entrance dating from 1930-31 has been reinstated, using a combination of careful restoration, and creation of replicas based on drawings and photographs of missing fixtures.

Having been blacked out since WW2, the beautiful art deco glass skylights in Control Room A have been reinstated, along with the unique backlight to the switching controls and the lozenge shaped art deco ceiling fixtures. In Control Room B, an extremely rare example of a modernist control room includes a central cove with full colour-change LED battens uplighting the soffit.

Retail Areas

Within the vast Turbine Halls and Boiler Houses of Battersea Power Station, four major new retail spaces with three different characters have taken shape under the sensitive stewardship of architects WilkinsonEyre.

In each space, our lighting contributes to the creation of a vibrant shopping experience, while gently celebrating the distinctive heritage and architecture. Functional light is kept subtle and localised, while a layer of elegant architectural accent lighting reveals and highlights defining details.


The lobbies have been sensitively designed as contemporary spaces that draw on the industrial heritage of the building while delivering the luxury and comfort expected of high-end residential living.

Bespoke 22m deep chandeliers in a stacked green glass design are inspired by the form of electricity pylon isolators, referencing the past use of the space in supplying power to large parts of London.  

Roof Terraces

The light creates a welcoming ambience and aids effortless wayfinding, with a focus on revealing the textures and colours in the palette of materials and within the planting.