London, UK

The afterdark, external identity for Copper’s new HQ perfectly encapsulates the brand and delivers the requisite privacy, taking its place within the vibrant Soho nightscape with just the right amount of on-street impact.
Interior Architect
Universal Design Studio
Ed Reeve, SMLA
Project Team
Keith Bradshaw, Jaime Fuentes McGreevy, Jungwon Jung

To create a strong lit image for a glass building while simultaneously delivering a high level of privacy, the team conceived of the concept of transforming the building into a secure ‘copper’ vault. ”

The new headquarters of Copper, the leading digital asset technology company, is located within an iconic 1990s Richard Rogers building in the heart of London - an area rich in hospitality venues, as well as offices and residential space. In their brief for the re-design of the building, it was clear that safety, security, control, and innovation were all of key importance to the client.

Working in collaboration with interior architects Universal Design Studio, we designed a sheer curtain to sit behind the glazing, forming a soft textured screen. As daylight fades, the curtains automatically draw, and an animated lighting effect begins.

Gently pulsating light catches on the folds of the fabric, creating a beautiful and beguiling amber glow that effectively screens out any view of the interior while sitting easily within the context of the high-end hospitality venues nearby.


Inside, the lighting is fully flexible. The lighting of the meeting rooms, reception areas and break-out spaces feature tuneable white LEDs within large area backlit panels and LED screens. These can be adapted in ambience and content to suit the desired usage of the space and the mood.