Warwick Court,
London, UK

The design of light for this remodel of a landmark development in Paternoster Square delivers a stylish, welcoming ambience, with a pair of bespoke feature pendants that add a special dimension to the space.
Mitsubishi Estates London | Stanhope
Fletcher Priest
Ståle Eriksen
Project Team
Keith Bradshaw, Jaime Fuentes McGreevy, Jungwon Jung

Reinvigorated for 21st century mixed use, we created a positive impression for the new reception area, with highlights to the vertical planes behind the reception desk and the seating areas, supporting intuitive wayfinding. Ceiling mounted luminaires neatly slotted between timber slats generate a subtle graphic pattern reflecting the rectilinear nature of the architecture. 


Within the double height voids, we further expressed elements of the building’s geometry in our design for a pair of large-scale statement pendants. Each magnificent free-hanging frame containing a series of luminous panels, creating a ‘Mondrian-like’ lit effect. 


Unique Terraces

Up on the roof, spacious terraces make the most of the uniquely close view of St Paul’s Cathedral, and across the City of London. Here, we added soft lighting under seating areas and to accentuate the landscape, along with some base provision for future F&B.

The lighting equipment is kept at a low height, and the intensity is also low, to preserve the fabulous views out.