The Peninsula London,

Light expresses the essence of luxury and location at The Peninsula London, a new hotel and residences in London’s Grosvenor Place.
Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels
2014 - 2023
Hopkins Architects
Landscape Architect
Interior Designer
Peter Marino Architect
James Newton, Will Pryce(Lobby)
Project Team
Keith Bradshaw, Ewan Parsons, Marina Andronescu, Hiro Toyoda, Jaime Fuentes McGreevy

With a prominent location on Hyde Park corner overlooking Wellington Arch and the grounds of nearby Buckingham Palace, the civic role of this substantial new piece of architecture is reflected in the design of the external identity and arrival experience after dark.

Drawing on our understanding of the natural lighting conditions of London, we sought to create the right balance between the Portland Stone facades, the entrance courtyard, and the modest light levels of Belgravia. Inside, the lighting details contribute to the hotel’s elegant blend of modern and heritage British style, tuning seamlessly with the natural daylighting conditions in each space.


Inspired by the Palazzo Farnese in Rome - the ‘four square’ building comprises eight levels of accommodation – 190 rooms and suites and 25 residences - arranged around a central courtyard. Each lighting point is carefully considered and fine-tuned to create the ideal relationship between the Peninsula brand, the majesty of the architecture, and the prestigious setting. 

Lighting is prioritised on the two public-facing facades and the elevations of the internal courtyard. Selected highlights and light to the window reveals define the mass of the building after dark, accentuating the classical rhythm in its design while helping to preserve a coherent appearance even when the building is not fully occupied.

The remaining two facades feature minimal light to mitigate any adverse effect on neighbouring residents. 

Courtyard Dropoff

Warm light through the large expanses of glazing supports an inviting welcome at the main entrances, marked out on each side with custom-designed torches. These are also placed on the uppermost level (bar and penthouses) to create a visual link that balances the composition.


Inside, the language of light for the public spaces, including the lobby and colonnade, continues in the same vein. Elegant detailing and lighting tuned to adapt to daylight conditions support the vision for a consistent, exclusive ambience.