Gateshead Millennium Bridge,

The surface of the arch is cross lit with simple elegant white light, although we also included the option of changing coloured light for special events. The underside of the bridge deck is lit with narrow beam sources directed along the structural ribs and the belly of the pedestrian deck, maximising potential reflections in the river surface.
Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council
Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Structural Engineer
Gifford and Partners
Graham Peacock
Project Team
Jonathan Speirs, Carrie Donahue Bremner

The world’s first tipping bridge has played a seminal role in the regeneration of Gateshead, and indeed the entire North East.

We reflected the precision found in the structure of the bridge in our highly refined approach to lighting the structure, the pedestrian space and the mirrored surface of the River Tyne below. This has created a powerful and iconic night-time image that is now recognisable across the world as a symbol of the city.”

The two caissons with their massive hydraulic rams are lit with blue light, which glows through the glass lens of the floor deck revealing the machinery below. Signalling the opening of the 126-metre span, a series of narrow-beam metal halide spots highlight these rams, and the gradual build up of light adds to the drama of the event.

Sketch section explaining concealed deck lighting