The Lake Crossing,
London, UK

Light accentuates the sinuous S-shaped form of The Lake Crossing, appearing to hover just above the surface of the lake at the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
John Pawson Architects
James Newton
Project Team
Mark Major, Philip Rose

To achieve the smooth shimmering effect we were after, we created a custom uplight that was recessed in the bridge deck at either side, between each bronze upright. These gently illuminate the inner surfaces of the uprights, as well as reflecting light onto both the deck and people crossing the span. Through our careful design, the source visibility is minimized and the fitting itself effectively disappears into its environment.

The Sackler Crossing is put in context after dark, thanks to the gentle highlighting we added to specimen trees on the adjacent island. Depending on the direction of approach across the bridge, these trees are either silhouetted in blue light with the front face picked out in white light, or vice versa. With the Royal Botanic Gardens remaining mainly dark at night, the bridge itself shines ethereally, as if lit by moonlight.

The lighting treatment is simple, understated, and in tune with the mercurial nature of the design. It allows the bridge to reflect in the water, and in turn, the water to reflect into the solid bronze balustrades.”

Explanatory Section through deck

Testing integrated lighting details