Tree House, Elephant Park,
London, UK

Our lighting design for the Tree House within Elephant Park reveals its distinctive architectural form after dark, drawing people in from the park or associated public realm, while preserving views out and creating a magical experience within the branches of the magnificent tree at its heart.
Bell Phillips Architects
Landscape Architect
Project Team
Mark Major, Benz Roos, Justyna Ashcroft, Neville De Sa

Acting as both a landmark and social hub, our approach to the Pavilion reflects our wider design for Elephant Park; extending the use of the space through the evening with balanced, warm, organic lighting, while prioritising opportunities for people to spend comfortable time together after dark.

The Tree House has a coffee shop, event space, and public roof viewing platform set around the upper boughs of the tree. Washes of light reveal the warmth and texture of the vertical wooden panelling, transforming the building into a beacon as natural light fades, and helping with orientation and wayfinding.

Light levels are kept low on the balustrades to allow views out over the park, while soft cross lighting to the tree creates a sense of theatre and supports an immersive experience on the roof deck.

No light source is directed upward, and a warmer 2700K colour temperature is used, not only to support a relaxing experience but also to limit any impact on wildlife and the ecosystem.